Donoghue Forlines
Allocation Fund

Donoghue Forlines Tactical Allocation Fund


(1) Represents the percentage increase/decrease in the net asset value from the prior trading day.

(2) Performance for periods less than one year is not annualized.

(3) The maximum sales charge for Class A Shares is 5.00%. Class A Share investors may be eligible for a reduction in sales charges.

(4) Inception date of the fund is April 6, 2018.

The performance data quoted here represents past performance. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted above. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The Fund's total annual operating expenses is 1.57% for Class A shares, 2.32% for Class C shares, and 1.32% for Class I shares. Please review the fund’s prospectus for more information regarding the fund’s fees and expenses. For performance information current to the most recent month-end, please call toll-free 877-779-7462.



The Donoghue Forlines Tactical Allocation Fund (GTAIX, GTAAX & GLACX) is constructed using fundamental research to develop a top-down macro view with a global orientation. The fund uses a Global Tactical approach with exposure to three major asset classes—global equities, fixed income, and alternatives—in a single portfolio using low-cost ETFs.

Donoghue Forlines Tactical Allocation Fund targets long-term global macroeconomic trends while utilizing shorter term economic variables in analyzing potential price movements in the three main asset classes. The fund holds fixed income investments in almost all market conditions, but has immense flexibility in holding equities, alternatives and cash. As a result, the level of investment risk in this portfolio may be lower than similar moderate allocation mutual funds.

Diversification across regions and asset classes can be important for long-term investment success—it seeks to enable the fund to potentially reduce portfolio risk and volatility while producing returns. The fund invests in liquid, low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchanged-traded notes (ETNs) based on a long-term secular view with tactical positioning during the shorter-term business and credit cycles.

Investment Objectives: The Donoghue Forlines Tactical Allocation Fund’s (the “Fund”) investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation.

Where to Purchase

Where to Purchase

The Donoghue Forlines Dividend Fund will be available to purchase through the following:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity Investments
  • National Financial Services
  • Pershing
  • TD Ameritrade

For the latest availability call: 1 (800) 642-4276.