Donoghue Forlines Funds

Who We Are

Donoghue Forlines LLC was founded in 1986 to provide investment management services to individuals, corporations, and institutions, including trusts, employee benefit plans and retirement plans.

We emphatically do not believe in the buy-and-hold philosophy of investing. We believe there is a time to be invested in the market and a time to be out of it. Our goal is to be invested for the majority of the uptrend in a market cycle but more importantly avoid the majority of a downtrend.  Employing this philosophy has the potential to produce success over the long term while mitigating downside risk, to the extent possible, and therefore preserving capital.

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What We Do

Donoghue Forlines LLC is a SEC registered investment adviser acting as the adviser to the Donoghue Forlines Tactical Income Fund and the Donoghue Forlines Dividend Fund. At Donoghue Forlines LLC, the firm offers tactical asset allocation strategies employing both quantitative and technical analysis.  The firm also has developed and employs rules-based, mechanical index solutions to strive to meet investment objectives.  We use proprietary models to identify and follow market trends. We monitor conditions daily and identify trends where possible. Our job is to guide you utilizing our experience and the market’s actual performance. We do not attempt to predict trends.  Ultimately, Donoghue Forlines LLC is seeking to offer our advisers and their clients strong risk adjusted solutions to help them attain their goals.